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Bonaventure sector

What is the Bonaventure Expressway reconstruction project?

The Bonaventure Expressway was built in 1966. It is reaching the end of its service life and must be reconstructed. JCCBI will transform the expressway into an urban boulevard and wants to maintain its current capacity of three lanes per direction. This project also includes improvements to the sector. For example, green space along the shoreline will be created that can be accessed by the public, and approximately  3-km dedicated active mobility path will be added, as the sector does not currently have this type of infrastructure.

The Bonaventure Expressway reconstruction project will also be an exceptional showcase at the city’s entrance. 

When are you planning to deconstruct the IDS bypass bridge?

Work to deconstruct the Île des Sœurs bypass bridge will be held from November 2023 to December 2024. The land will be rehabilitated during the reconstruction of the expressway. This aspect is still being studied.

Why is the same work done on the expressway every year?

The Bonaventure Expressway was built in 1967 and is nearing the end of its service life. Pending its reconstruction as an urban boulevard in the coming years and to keep the structure reliable and safe, regular maintenance work is required particularly on the elevated lanes.

Why are no workers around when work is being done on the elevated lanes?

Most of the time, work in the sector of the elevated lanes is done on the box beams underneath the road surface. Since workers are under the lanes, the lanes must be closed so that traffic does not to impact the work.

Solution Bonaventure
What is the Solution Bonaventure Project?

The Solution Bonaventure is an environmental project to protect the St. Lawrence river against ontaminant runoff from groundwater in the Bonaventure Sector.

For 100 years, the shore of the St. Lawrence river was used as a landfill for industrial and household waste that has caused major contamination problems.

The Solution Bonaventure was launched in June 2016 and has been operating since 2018. The goal was to implement concrete solutions to prevent contamninants from flowing into the river. 

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