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Popular questions

How can I find out about work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel and the Samuel De Champlain Bridge?

For information about the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel, the Samuel De Champlain Bridge, or any other structures managed by our mobility partners, please visit our web page.

Could you change the colour of the bridge for a cause?

Special illuminations of the Jacques Cartier Bridge can’t be arranged since the Living Connections concept was designed with smart programming. This means that the illumination is activated by millions of data points that pulse to the beat of the city, particularly activity on social networks.

Note that the bridge changes colours with the seasons according to a 365-colour calendar.

Did you know that you can make the Jacques Cartier Bridge shine even brighter?

You can! In fact, the bridge lights constantly react to Montreal’s energy with a discreet movement of light fragments up and down the structure. The intensity, speed and density of the light fragments change depending on how often #illuminationMTL is used on social media.

To learn more about the concept, visit the Illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge page.

Spontaneous offer for products or services

If you would like to register on the list of potential suppliers or consultants for the Company’s next invitational calls for tenders, please email us. Please specify in your email the legal name of your company, your various fields of expertise, as well as your full contact details.

Please note that the choice of invited bidders, during invitational calls for tenders, remains at the sole discretion of the Company.

You can also consult our website for this purpose.

Work planned for the year

The Projects and work page of our website details our planned and/or ongoing work. You will also find a brief summary of work for the year. Unfortunately, we can’t announce traffic restrictions too early, as they are subject to unexpected changes.

How long will the work take?

Please note that we are doing all we can to minimize the impact of the work on the users of our structures.

We communicate in real time on each of the hindrances so that you can plan your trips in advance. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our email alerts.

From which locations on the structures can I take pictures?

For safety and traffic flow reasons, it is forbidden to stop on the bridge to take pictures or videos, except for designated areas (e.g. lookout points).

I receive work advisories in French. How can I receive them in English?

Simply unsubscribe from the English mailing list by clicking on ”Vous désinscrire de cette liste” at the bottom of the email received. You must then subscribe again for one (or more) mailing list(s) of your choice by visiting the web page dedicated to the subscription for our different email alerts.

Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion usage and rentals

Unfortunately, the Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion building cannot be rented out as it is currently undergoing structural repairs that will continue for several years. 

While this work is ongoing, JCCBI is considering how this building will be used in the future.

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