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Quality and safety

Sustainability also means employee well-being

JCCBI invests in employee development by providing a workplace that is stimulating, respectful, healthy, and safe and where everyone can grow their talents. JCCBI is committed to workplace health and well-being for both the success of the organization and the physical and psychological health of staff.

Serving users

Every day, JCCBI helps thousands of people safely use the structures under its responsibility. JCCBI also believes that the best way to use its financial resources is to provide transportation alternatives, such as active mobility, and to ensure that its structures remain safe and fully operational.

Main goals
  • Promote the health and well-being of our employees and uphold the safety of our employees and users.
  • Keep our structures in good condition by setting up an infrastructure monitoring system.
  • Improve our active transportation network.
Recent initiatives
  • Launch of a Workplace Equity, Diversity and Wellness Committee
  • Update of the occupational health and safety management program, including the addition of internal training courses.
  • Improvement of contractual requirements for occupational health and safety during site supervision activities.
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